4 Tips for Purchasing an Affordable Web Design in Toronto

Finding a good web designer in Toronto at an affordable price can be a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be…

Wesley Mann

August 16, 2019

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Like most things in Toronto, web design is expensive. So much so that the average price for a website with 8 pages, no e-commerce, and basic features is $2600.

But have no fear, Imperium is here!


We will tell you what you need to look for when trying to keep costs under control for a new website!

So without further ado, here are your 4 Tips when shopping for an affordable web design in Toronto.

There are many components that make up the price of a website. Such as hosting, functionality, the method in which its created, features, responsiveness, number of pages and so on.

If you are not familiar with these components, you may get lost in complex lingo and terms. This brings us to our first tip.

Tip 1: Do your Research

You wouldn’t start a business without doing research, so it is not advised to make a decision regarding your website without any either. Depending on the cost structure of your business, your website can be one of the largest initial investments you make. So you better understand what you are buying.

Doing research will also help you decode jargon on a proposal so you don’t need to pay for any features you do not need!

If you can walk the walk, and talk the talk, it will also help make the process easier for the designers. This will allow you to better explain what your dream website should look like.

Now you know what your website needs, but how should it be created?

Tip 2: Don’t have your website coded from scratch using HTML & CSS

There are benefits to having your website coded using HTML & CSS. However, it is much more time consuming than using a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress.

After all, time is money.


The more time it takes to build, the more it will cost and this is more time that you are unable to convert online customers.

Chances are if you’re on a budget you probably won’t need any custom developed features using HTML & CSS anyways! There are plenty of Plugins for your CMS that can make most things happen.

After you’ve done your research, and know how your website should be created, it’s time to meet with some web designers.

Tip 3: Make sure the Web Designer understands your Goals and Budget

Be sure that your web designer understands the following:

  • What your Business does and how it generates sales
  • Who your ideal customer is
  • How you set yourself apart (your value proposition)
  • What purpose your website will serve
  • What features you would like to include
  • General design and desired feel for the website
  • Your budget

If a web designer does not take the time to understand your business or vision, they will not produce an effective website.

How does this save you money?

To start, web designers often do a limited number of revisions until they begin to charge you additional money. If you are not 100% confident with the design plan after your consultation then it is advised to look elsewhere for your website needs!

The long run is really where this problem becomes an issue. If your web designer doesn’t understand your business and its target market, you will miss out on an endless amount of customers. This is mainly due to the user experience design or UX. As it will not be tailored to the right audience that you require.

Above all, good communication between you and your web designer is essential for a clean, cheap and effective design.

By now, you have used tips 1-3 and have several affordable web design quotes. But wait a minute, what is this yearly or monthly maintenance package on the quote?

Tip 4: Understanding Maintenance Packages

Make sure to take a look at the types of maintenance packages web design companies offer.

Some companies will have the lowest quote for your website design, but have maintenance packages in perpetuity that will cost you a fortune.

You might now be thinking, “OK, so I’m definitely not getting a maintenance package!” But that isn’t the right way to think about it either.

If you do not have a maintenance package then your website will become slow, very slow. It can also become unsecured making personal information accessible. Reliable designers will also keep site backups in case of an emergency so you don’t have to worry about losing your design.

It is still very important to have one, it just needs to be at a reasonable price depending on your needs. For smaller websites that are affordable, the ideal range is from $20-50 a month.

So there you have it, 4 tips for purchasing an affordable web design in Toronto!

Send us an email if you have any questions or if you are interested in a quote from one of the most affordable web designers in Toronto! At Imperium, we know that the web design process can be a stressful and costly one for clients. That is why we have developed the best and most affordable onboarding process a client can have!


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