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Competing with the top dogs in Kingston

Axon Property Management is one of Kingston’s most prominent and trusted property management companies. They offer a wide range of landlord services and support for their current tenants. Founded in 2015, Axon is a relatively new company compared to their main competitors who have been established in Kingston for decades. As a result, they compete with businesses who have invested in advertising and SEO for years.

Imperium's Mission

We were tasked with helping helping Axon create a stronger online presence in the following ways:
  • Fill vacant rentals for 2020-2021
  • Increase organic traffic to their website from property owners
  • Optimize their website experience

The Challenge

Our challenge was to develop an entirely new online experience for Axon that was easily manageable and would set a base for growth using advertising and SEO.


At Imperium, we are firm believers that if a company is going to invest money in driving traffic to their website, they must first optimize their website for this surge in traffic. This will ensure that an acceptable conversion rate is achieved and paid traffic will not be wasted.

So, the plan was to overhaul axonproperties.ca, fill available rentals and drive traffic from property owners using local SEO. As traffic begins to increase, we would optimize UX using advanced analytics and heat mapping software.

The Impact

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Of Listings Rented
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Organic Traffic Increase
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First Page Results
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Monthly New Business Leads
“My company has been using Imperium Social for several months now and the results have been amazing. They’ve got our website up to the top page and it’s running flawlessly.” – Nick Dowd

01. Website Design Overhaul

The previous website for Axon Property Management was in need of a significant overhaul. We were presented with the challenge of an outdated website that needed to be stripped down and built from the ground up.

We planned, designed and implemented a responsive, functional website that brought true tangible value to Axon. Equipped with a fully dynamic property listing platform, we have allowed Axon to maximize their online efficiency.


02. UX Optimization

On desktop/mobile, we noticed that around 20% of clicks were happening on service icons which were not previously linked to corresponding pages. As a result, we were able to improve user experience by linking these buttons.

Additionally, we analyzed recordings like the one below to get a better understanding of how people interact over multiple pages. This is the power of integrating data analytics with your website design.

03. Search Engine Optimization

When we first on-boarded Axon Property Management there first page Google presence was virtually non-existent. With an objective to secure more property clients leasing requests, it was clear that Axon had to be in a dominant position on the first page of Google to achieve this.

As a result, we created a search engine optimization strategy that would enable Axon to overtake several long-standing businesses in their service area, bringing them more property leads and unit leasings online than their competitors.

Campaign Purpose: To increase visibility and organic search traffic to a newly created website in an aged,  competitive landscape.

Keywords Targeted: 45
Average Keyword Difficulty: 26

1st Page Keywords Before: 0
2nd Page Keywords Before: 8
Estimated Organic Monthly Visits Before: 8

Campaign Length: January 2020 to December 2020

Campaign Results: After  12 months axonproperties.ca Google presence has increased significantly; this greatly improved local awareness and is driving targeted customers and leads to the website.

1st Page Keywords After: 11
2nd Page Keywords After: 32
Estimated Organic Monthly Visits After: 503(+6,287.5%) 
Monthly New Business Leads: 5+

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