Digital Marketing 101: How to Promote Your Small Business

Chris Mackey

September 6, 2022

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Small business owners require digital marketing to thrive. However, digital marketing is always changing. While new marketing techniques have evolved, your small business may not be able to take advantage of them all.

Your financial and resource constraints may prevent you from implementing creative marketing methods. There are several marketing tactics you may use to grow your brand and business.

Read on to discover what you can do to promote your small business through digital marketing methods today.

Committee to Email Customization

Customers receive personalized attention through email marketing. Email marketing is commonly used by small businesses to recruit and retain customers.

Personal emails enhance customer ties. Drip email campaigns can be used to cultivate prospects at various phases of their purchasing journey and improve their purchasing experience.

Personalized emails bring your brand to life. Customers’ discounts and coupons can be personalized depending on their previous purchases and preferences.

Consider Automation

Automation simplifies business operations. Small businesses that automate their marketing save time and increase worker productivity. Marketing automation is a must-have for smart, growing businesses.

Among the notable automation options is email marketing, lead scoring and nurturing, content production, social media management, and referral marketing. Automation boosts the efficiency and conversion rate of a team.

Tell Your Brand Story

The hard-hitting sales have ended. Narratives will dominate marketing in 2022. Content marketing can still benefit small businesses, but with a fresh twist.

Rather than advertising your items, create tailored content. Describe how your product has helped past customers.

Invest in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can help a small business establish brand recognition and create leads. Influencers have committed admirers who follow them for suggestions on Instagram and TikTok. Because of the high degree of participation, this is a fantastic marketing approach for small firms. You can legitimately market your business by utilizing specialized and local influencers.

If your business is based on plants, you can collaborate with dairy-free or vegan influencers. Reach a huge number of people while spending less money.

Use a Google My Business listing

Google My Business (GMB) is critical for a small business’ online exposure. You must have a strong internet presence if potential clients search for you online. Google My Business gives your company visibility and credibility. That is why it should be one of your small business’s top marketing strategies.

Hold a Marketing Event

Digital events are becoming increasingly popular. Brands may produce excellent online leads by using webinars, online conferences, live chats, and podcasts.

This way, marketers can gather audience information and promote directly to them through online events. You may then determine your audience’s preferences and adjust your marketing efforts by using surveys and polls.


One of the most efficient small business marketing methods is referral programs. Request that happy customers promote your brand.

Customers in the food industry are more likely to recommend a company that stresses comfort and convenience. You can entice these customers to advertise your products by paying them for quality leads.


Of course, your marketing and business strategy must be distinct. After all, the competition is steep in the online world today. As such, don’t fall behind with dated or traditional marketing strategies that no longer work.

These online marketing strategies can help your company grow. Use them to help your business and see the results for yourself!
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