What is Eco Marketing?

Is your business negatively impacting the environment with its traditional advertising methods? Learn how to change that with Eco Marketing.

Wesley Mann

November 1, 2019

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The importance of a marketing campaign is undeniable when it comes to expanding your business. However, many of the traditional modes of advertising affect the environment in negative ways. Traditional methods involve large amounts of paper, electricity and other materials that can be more damaging to the environment. Luckily for your business, there is Eco Marketing.


There’s no need to stop advertising altogether and in fact making the switch can be much more effective if done right. Eco Marketing involves marketing over popular platforms like Facebook, and Google. The possibilities are far greater than with traditional methods and you can do your part to have a smaller carbon footprint.

How does Eco Marketing Work?

Internet advertising has incorporated new platforms and business opportunities for company’s and brands around the world. The most used by brands is search advertising through Google and Bing, but it is growing in popularity over social media networks as well.

This is because the business models of social platforms in recent years have focused on decreasing the presence of organic content. While simultaneously favouring paid advertisements. This helps businesses and influencers who invest in paid advertising to get a greater reach for their audience. It doesn’t have negative effects for users who don’t choose to advertise, but their reach opportunities are limited.

Essentially Eco Marketing gives you a leg up on the competition. With proper planning and strategy, your advertising efforts can be made far less costly, stressful and more effective.

As the name suggests, it is also far better for the environment. In our blog post “Green Business Solutions with Digital Advertising”, we talked about the changes Google and Facebook have made to their data centres. This has made them far more energy-efficient and Eco-friendly. Which in turn, results in a more Eco-friendly advertising experience on their platforms.

Did you Know?

  • 80% of marketing professionals consider social networks as a crucial source of sales
  • You can “Boost” your social media posts to attract more users based on certain goals
  • You can target specific groups based on Behaviours, interests and demographics with digital advertising
  • Tracking conversions, website traffic and much more is seamless with digital/Eco marketing
  • You can accurately define your cost per customer acquisition


The Main Players of Eco Marketing


With little investment, you can leave a great impact on your audience with Google Adwords. The cost per click is very low compared to other advertising formats and it can capture leads at the moment of intent. There is also a wide variety of Ad formats you can take advantage of with Search, Display, In-App and much more.

You also have more means to segment and find your target audience. You can create specific campaigns depending on demographics, interests, behaviours, business experiences, etc.

Marketing with Google provides you with detailed reports on how your advertising campaigns are progressing. This will help you in evaluating results and to target your most loyal followers. Naturally, this will help you make adjustments or improvements with future campaigns.

Facebook & Instagram

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram offer us greater flexibility of ad formats than Google. Ads can be images, text, videos, responsive, and much more. Most of them are also displayed in the same space where users interact with regular content, making it more integrated and accepted. 

This form of Eco marketing awards you with great targeting options and of course better overall performance than traditional methods. It is really just about understanding your target audience and then being able to use the platforms to accurately target them. Which can be more difficult than you think.

Facebook and Instagram share a platform for advertising and some ad formats are also shared. Although the strategy can be very different since the audience can vary. With different types of users on each platform and different ways of engaging with one another, it leads to different user experience. So some advertising methods that work on Facebook, may not work on Instagram. (and Vice Versa)

Social networks offer us different types of ads according to the objectives we seek in our strategy and broad audience segmentation options. This makes it a very fun experience, but also a stressful one.

Social networks should not only be seen as entertainment, but also as a business opportunity for the majority of industries. If you haven’t started advertising on social media yet or even put a plan in place, it’s not too late. You will soon see how this method of advertising allows you to carry out a better analysis of your target market and past campaigns.


Apart from Google and Facebook, you can also use other platforms like LinkedIn, Bing, Amazon, and Twitter to promote your business. They are cost-efficient and effective with individuals benefits that make them unique.

The Impact

Although Eco Marketing involves using large corporations that have been known in the past to hurt the environment, they are progressing for change. These businesses have acknowledged wrongdoing and made changes for the better. It is now time for the small to medium-sized enterprises of the world to follow suit.

Not only will using Eco Marketing help the environment, but it also helps your company’s social image. More and more people are becoming aware of damaging business activities and choose to work with business who do not take part in them.

It doesn’t have to be an overnight change, but any step in the right direction is a good one. Let’s help make our planet a sustainable one with green business solutions like Eco Marketing!

If you need any advice on the potential steps to becoming a green business, then don’t hesitate to reach out. You can also view our green business services.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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