Green Business Solutions with Digital Advertising

Finding environmentally friendly solutions for your business that produce results can be tough, but not with Digital Advertising.

Wesley Mann

August 21, 2019

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The shift towards environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices is at its peak in 2019.

The movement from Traditional Advertising to Digital Advertising, is also on the rise. In August 2018, top marketers increased their Digital Ad spend by 12.3%. At the same time, they decreased their Traditional Ad spend by 1.2% according to the CMO Survey.

This divergence of ad spend has been almost constant since 2011, which is essential for environment sustainability.

Traditional advertisements such as billboards and print ads are responsible for large amounts of waste every year. When was the last time you walked through a city and did not see a news paper on the ground? Exactly.

The production and distribution required for these types of advertisements also releases immense amounts of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere on a daily basis.

This is why its essential to implement green business solutions and Eco friendly advertising/marketing practices for your business.


Shifting towards digital advertising and marketing will help to decrease your carbon footprint and your overall company image.

It will be a respected decision by your employees and loyal customers. But only if your costs can remain the same or decrease, and your prices don’t increase. Good thing ROI for Digital Ads is much higher than Traditional Ads.


It’s not all perfect though, like any internet usage, digital advertising uses large data centers that are not 100% environmentally friendly. But platforms like Google and Facebook (Instagram) are doing their parts to make sure it is a green business solution moving forward.

In 2017, Google reached 100% renewable energy for their global operations. Their data centres also use 50% less energy than a typical one. So you can be sure that your advertising through google is Eco-friendly.

Facebook is also making changes for sustainability. They have goals to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 75% and use 100% renewable energy by 2020. In 2018, they recorded 75% renewable energy for global operations, and some of the most efficient data centers in the world. So it’s safe to say they are on the right track. Making Facebook and Instagram advertising both green business solutions.

Although not perfect, Digital Advertising is far more sustainable than certain types of Traditional Advertising. This is because major advertising companies such as Google and Facebook recognized a change needed to be made and have found solutions.

Imperium is also committed to being a paperless company and reducing our Carbon Footprint as much as possible. We only offer digital advertising solutions from Google and Facebook, and use a carbonneutral online payment provider, Stripe.

Stripe also announced last Thursday that they will be investing in carbon-capture technologies. This new technology takes pollution out of the air and “sequesters” it in the ground.

It’s time for everyone to start doing their part and help save our planet.

If you currently use Traditional Advertisements such as print ads or billboards, consider making the switch to a more sustainable future with Imperium!

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