A Guide to Excellent Logo Designs for Promotional Products

Chris Mackey

February 16, 2023

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Whether you’ve recently launched a new small business or looking to increase your loyal customer base, handing out promotional products is one of the most effective ways to market your company. It can help boost brand exposure, drive sales, strengthen customer relationships, and show that you’re thankful for your stakeholders’ support. 

While these products offer many worthwhile benefits, you must remember that your marketing efforts go beyond purchasing them from your local supplier. You must also slap a high-quality logo design on your promotional products. 

This article guides you in understanding the importance of logo design for your promotional products. 

Why Do You Need Logo Design for Brand Awareness?

Logos have a long history of representing different brands, products, businesses, and organizations. While they may range in look and feel, all logo designs aim to provide a quick, recognizable symbol of a company or entity, serving as a unique identifier. It should be memorable, simple, and consistent across all marketing tools to represent the brand and message. 

Establishments need a logo because it visually represents what they stand for and who they are. It helps draw more attention to the brand, create an excellent first impression, set them apart from the competition, and foster audience loyalty. Moreover, a high-quality logo should be memorable. 

What Are the Elements of a Good Logo Design?

Whether you want your professional graphic designer to create something straightforward or complex, any good logo should have essential elements like colours, shapes, and fonts. The colours must be visually appealing, the figures must be simple and recognizable, and the fonts should be clear and legible. 

How Many Different Logo Versions Do You Need?

Experts recommend designing a clean, recognizable, and versatile logo. Businesses should use it to carry the same message across all mediums and platforms to create a unified brand. That way, it won’t lose its impact and meaning. 

Creating a diverse set of logo designs can ensure a successful branding strategy. These options should include variations like an icon, text (vertical or horizontal), stacked or horizontal logos, and single and full colour. These varying designs will ensure the logos look good on all promotional items or print materials. 

For instance, a horizontal logo works best for printing on a pen, while a stacked one is ideal for a mug. On the other hand, professionals recommend printing a full-colour logo on a power bank for maximum impact. 

Branding Guide: What Is It and Do All Companies Need One?

A branding guide outlines how employees should use a logo, design components, marketing messages, and colours to represent the company. These rules also help ensure printing companies print the symbol correctly, even if you use different vendors for printing. Moreover, the branding guide reminds company employees to use the same logo consistently and accurately across all mediums.

When Can I Design a Corporate Logo?

Experts urge companies to consider their branding and logo design once they form their business because it will be the basis of their marketing efforts. It’s also crucial to update the logo every few years to make it look modern and relevant. That way, you can create a good impression on potential customers and attract more new customers. 

Important Notes to Remember

Branding and logo design is essential for business design and marketability. A high-quality logo must be simple, memorable, and create a lasting impression. You should also remember that it’s okay to add a personal touch to a design; just don’t let it show too much when designing a logo for your clients.


Your business’s logo design will significantly impact your marketing success rate. Working with a reputable design company can help you attract customers and boost sales. 

Imperium offers professional Ottawa logo design. Our talented and responsive team is committed to helping clients across North America create a compelling symbol for their company. Contact us now, and let’s make your logo design experience stress-free!

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