How to Start a Business in Ontario in 7 Steps

Are you planning to start a business in Ontario but don’t know where to start? Here’s an in-depth guide with steps for you!

Wesley Mann

June 30, 2021

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Are you planning to start a business in Ontario?

Well, starting a business in a province such as Ontario may seem like a daunting process. But with proper planning and access to relevant information, you can overcome most of the challenges faced by many startups in Canada. You need to overcome your fears, doubts, and pull the trigger when the right time to launch the business comes.

how to start a business in Ontario easily and fast

It is important to be realistic in your expectations. Not many startups in Ontario and the entire country survive beyond several years. This is because running a successful business takes more than you may think.

With the right business branding and marketing practices, you can weather through the initial startup storm and build a successful business. 85% of Canadian businesses with 1 to 4 employees only make it 3 years before folding or going bankrupt.

These odds can make starting your own business daunting. Focus on giving yourself a better chance for both short-term and long-term success before you start a business. Take time to prepare and find all the important information you need.

Find a good branding and marketing partner such as the Imperium web developers and designers to help in your branding and online marketing needs.

How to Start a Business in Ontario in 7 Steps

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when you want to build a business in Ontario.

Decide on the Type of Business You Want to Start.

By now you should have a good idea of the kind of business you plan to start. Most startups either sell products or provide services for a fee.

There are some businesses that do both. But it is recommended to start by focusing on one area, either products or services, before expanding into other areas. This will help you to grow and get a solid footing before diversifying your business focus.

Take time to consider your options and choose a business that best fits your skills, experience, and interest level. This is all before you start planning for the launch.

Write a Business Plan.

It is highly recommended to create a business plan before you start any type of business. The business plan will help you to map out your next steps. It gives you a broad picture of what you want your new business to look like.

A business plan factors in important considerations. This includes capital and funding, the number of employees you plan to have, the business environment in your chosen location, and your marketing strategies.

By following a solid business plan, you stand a better chance of success than a majority of other startups in your industry.

Complete All the Necessary Paperwork.

There will be plenty of paperwork to file before you start a business in Ontario. Start by identifying and searching for the best business name for your new venture before you register the business.

After you have registered the business, you may be required to get several items. These include Business Number and GST/HST Account or another tax-related account from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Make sure your business meets all the specific requirements if you plan to incorporate the business.

Build a Powerful Brand Identity for Your Business.

Branding is another important part of your new business. It sets you apart from the competition and helps to promote your products and services in a more positive light. A brand identity refers to the outward expression of your business.

Your brand identity will include identifying components such as your business name, logo, trademark, communication, colours, and overall visual appearance. It is the overall look, feels, and expression of your business. Your brand identity speaks to people about your business.

Your brand identity doesn’t just involve a log and colour palette but includes the following components depending on the nature of your business:

·Your business logo


·Overall website design system

·Typography of your marketing messages

·Photography and illustrations

·Data visualization

·Video and motion

·And much more

It is important to work with a professional branding media agency to ensure that your brand identity translates across different mediums.

With the right guidance from a good web design and branding agency in Ontario such as Imperium, you can create a great brand identity that your customers will positively identify with.

Imperium works in close partnership with James Media to give you professional media production services.

They are committed to providing you with professional media production services. All are designed to build trust and legitimacy in your business using stunning visuals and quick turnaround times.

Build a Strong Online Presence for Your New Business.

With the huge number of new businesses spring up all over Canada every day, it is important to set your venture apart from the rest.

You need to build a strong online presence for your business. This is to get an edge over the competition as soon as you start a business in Ontario.

A dominating presence online basically involves having a functional and aesthetically appealing website and a strong profile on the most popular social media platforms.

Start with a Great Website.

If you are serious about your startup, don’t go to one of those free cookie-cutter websites. Focus on getting the best web design agency in Ontario to build you a great business website that delivers the expected value.

Your website is the most valuable digital asset of your business. It is the face of your business on the Internet. When you work with experienced and reputable web designers such as Imperium, you will get a business website that performs.

Imperium is dedicated to helping your new business to grow by harnessing the power of your website and other digital assets. The company does this through overall design, website management, and search engine optimization to help you rank better on search engines and drive organic buyer traffic to your business from search engines.

Get Your Business on Social Media.

It is also important to get on social media as soon as you start a business. Choose a few popular social media sites and create a profile for your business on each platform. Some sites may not be a good fit for your business depending on the industry that you focus on or your business activity.

Enlist the help of a professional web design and online marketing agency to identify the right metrics and demographics to target. This includes age, gender, location, and income level.

Imperium even helps clients find the most reasonable rates for advertising and sending marketing messages on different social media platforms. This includes Facebook and Instagram.

Keep in mind that Facebook alone has over 18 million users in Canada. While LinkedIn, which is great for business in the B2B industries, has a major following in the country as well.


Launching a business in Ontario is just half the battle won. The real work starts when you want to market your products or services. However, things don’t have to be as difficult as you may think. This is when you work closely with a professional web designer and online marketing agency such as Imperium.

We can help you with your new company’s online development, from web design and development to branding and building/running social media campaigns.

Imperium provides you with all the essential solutions to help your business grow a strong online presence and succeed in your chosen industry. We use advanced digital marketing strategies to help your new business get a solid footing and rise above the competition.

Our key services include website design and development, search engine optimization, media production services, and brand development services for all your brand identity needs.

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