How to Select the Best Instagram Username

If you need help picking an Instagram Username or refining your current one, you are going to want to read this. Let’s align your name with the Instagram algorithm.

Wesley Mann

August 14, 2019

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Now that our Instagram account ( has officially surpassed 50 followers….

We have decided to tackle the topic of how to select the best Instagram Username.

All jokes aside, we are excited to start several different growth techniques with the account now that it is no longer warming up and we are excited to have you follow along with our progress!


Choosing your Instagram username is one of the first things you must do when making an Instagram account. It has a much larger impact on your accounts health then many people realize.

From an Instagram Algorithm prospective, it is one of two items that is analyzed during search queries. So if you want people to find your account, you will need an effective username.

This is why we have put together a guide to help you select the best Instagram username for your account!

Let’s Begin.

Instagram Username

First, you must decide what type of account you’re going to create and what the underlying theme will be. Your username must be a glimpse of what is to come, so sticking to the theme is essential. You can think of your theme like your brand image, it is how users will perceive you.

The four types of Instagram accounts that affect your Instagram Username:

1. Personal Accounts

This is your personal or private account where give your followers an idea of what’s going on in your life! With this account type, feel free to have fun with your username.

2. Personal Branded Accounts

This account is a brand built around an individual, it’s what our favorite athletes, singers and influencers have.

3. Branded Accounts

This is straight forward, it’s a branded account representing a company.

4. Fan Pages

These accounts post about niches, topics or interests that users love to see on their feed.

An account may start as a Fan page and develop into a Branded Account. However, it is best to stick with your chosen strategy from the beginning. This should only be done if you are able to monetize your account without jeopardizing your following.

By now, you should have completed the first step to Instagram Username success by choosing an account type. The next step is to focus on the essential elements of selecting a great Instagram username.

Dos for an Instagram username that will make you feel like the popular kid in High school again:

· Your Username should be as short as possible

  • This will make it much easier to remember for your followers and people who come across it on the explore page.

· It should be catchy

  • Once again, people must remember it so be creative!!

· It should be easy to spell

  • Simplicity is key and much easier to search so do not use long confusing usernames.

· It should be unique

  • Set yourself apart from the rest with a different username. Take a look at some of your favorite accounts, chances are they use something different in their username that no one else does. Use them as inspiration and expand on their ideas, do not copy them!

DON’Ts. We get it, your username @cats..xx__6969 sounds like a good idea but its not, trust us here!

· First, no offensive words…. this one needs no explanation.

· Avoid using underscores

  • They are more difficult to find on the keyboard and the human race has known to be lazy at times. Also, if you put multiple underscores in a row, it is difficult for users to know how many are used. Underscores discourage the action of searching your name in the first place, so avoid them all to together.

· Please no consecutive repeating numbers, symbols or letters

  • This will make it more difficult for people to search your account. It also makes it a challenge to establish what your account is about just from looking at your name. Don’t over complicate it.

· Stay away from random numbers at the beginning or end of your username

  • It may have meaning to you, but from an outsider perspective it’s pointless.

· Don’t copy other people’s usernames with subtle changes

  • No one likes a copycat, be unique.

· Never replace letters with numbers

· Don’t use trend words

  • Trends come and go in the blink of an eye

There you have it; first decide what type of account you are creating and what the theme should be. Then follow the Dos and DON’Ts to select the best Instagram Username!

If you’ve already created an Instagram account and would like some direction for your next steps, feel free to reach out to us. Or if you would like an in depth analysis of your username and profile, sign up for our Instagram Audit!

Now go on child, make something of yourself.

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