Machine Learning & A.I.
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Imperium’s team of engineers have a proven track record of integrating machine learning solutions into businesses of various industries. We build the optimal machine learning model to provide a production-ready solution tailored to specific business needs.

Imperium's Competencies
Our Development Team's Specialties

Time Series Forecasting

Special models that find and learn patterns of historical data, to make price predictions and anticipate future trends.

NLP Algorithms

Natural language processing algorithms help to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data and behavior.

Computer Vision

Using algorithms extract the visual content and relevant information from digital images or videos.

Recommender Systems

Implement systems that will offer relevant suggestions to users delivering a personalized customer experience.

Predictive Analytics

Extract and analyze past and present data to predict sales, trends, behavior, or prevent critical issues.

Anomaly Detection

Identify suspicious behavior to expose the violation of information, security issues, and other suspicious events.

Data Science & Machine Learning
At The Most Competitive Pricing

Imperium machine learning development is proudly powered by CodeIT. This enables us to provide industry leading full stack development services at a cost of up to 30% less than hiring a full-time developer or agency.

Extend Your Budget

We get that start-ups & organizations need to make every dollar count within their budget. Working with Imperium allows you to save on labour costs.

Our Proven Workflow:
A Process That Enables Robust & Complex Systems

Working with Imperium enables you to leverage our expertise to deliver powerful, machine learning applications to your customers. No need to hire an additional developer for different platforms.

Trusted By Companies Across All Industries

Our development teams are proud to have successfully delivered over 500 software development projects for our clients. We specialize in medium to large-scale applications that need an efficient team to deliver results.

Client: DÜZY TV

Industry: eCommerce

A large-scale video player solution that allows users to sell, search and buy products while watching videos.

Client: Teletherapy

Industry: Healthcare

A telemedicine platform for children with created for online meetings between doctors and patients.

Client: Brewed

Industry: Social Networks

A subscription-based portal that provides B2C networking services. Connecting Brewed users with bars.

Client: Red Apple

Industry: eCommerce

A popular American online educational platform for children ages 3 to 10. Teaches children in a gaming manner.

Client: Anytime Caring

Industry: Healthcare

Australia’s leading peer-to-peer platform that allows independent care workers to connect directly to patients.

Client: Gio Bikes

Industry: Social Networks

A worldwide online marketplace and community for recreational lifestyle equipment and accessories.

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