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Understanding Local SEO for Businesses in Thunder Bay.

Securing a spot on the 1st page of Google today is the equivalent of owning a prime storefront location back in the day. Where you rank on Google can literally make or break your business as more people shift their buying decisions online. When you consider that 88% of consumers do online research before making a purchase for a product or service, this becomes quite clear. If you dig even further, you will find that over 92% of consumers will choose a business on the first page of Google.

Why Imperium
Local SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to secure long term and sustainable rankings on Google. You may be wondering, “What the hell is SEO?” and you’re not alone. SEO is the difficult balancing act of getting search engines, like Google, to view your website in a positive light. When you successfully do this, it will recommend your content to people when they make search queries. The stronger your website and content are, the more likely you will be on the 1st page.
Now, how do you go about doing this?
You hire Imperium Social!
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Search Engine Optimization is a Competition.

A Pay To Play World:
The biggest thing to remember when considering SEO for your website is, that it is a competition. You cannot expect to compete against a company that spends $2000/month on SEO when you have a budget of $100/month. We would be doing you a disservice by taking you on as a client for this amount. You will not see a return on your investment unless sufficient funds are allocated to the project.
To see a proper ROI, we need to develop an in depth SEO strategy and execute it over an extended period of time. Search Engine Optimization is a war of attrition that is not won overnight. It can take months or sometimes years to get you on a level playing field with your competition. This timeline depends on a number of factors. The quality of your website, the level of difficultly in your industry and where you are located to name a few. We have a team of SEO specialists that will get you there, but it is important to set realistic expectations on budget and timeline.

Our SEO Process For Improving Your Rankings in Thunder Bay.

At Imperium, we need to know your story & your goals before we can begin with search engine optimization. Our process combines strategic marketing, keyword research, on-site strategy, and a unique blend of expertise that can’t be found in any one field. We’re your one-stop shop for local SEO. All SEO projects start with our 3-step process.

Step 1.

We take pride in getting to know our customers and their business goals. Our 30-minute phone or zoom consultation will help determine your goals and monthly budget for the campaign. After the call we review your current site configuration and perform industry/competitor research.

Step 2.
SEO Strategy

After the grunt work is complete, and we have snapshot of your position in the industry, we outline your SEO strategy. We lay out the exact steps we need to take in order to compete in your location. We also provide you with a price and estimated timeline to receive an ROI.

Step 3.
Take Action

Once approved, we get started on setting the foundation for all great SEO campaigns by optimizing your site. We then build on this with content creation, link building and so much more every month. You will be able to track our progress with in-depth month ranking and activity reports.

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If you’re having trouble with ranking on Google, Bing and other search engines then perhaps it’s time to give us a call. Get your free SEO quote within 24 hours of our discovery meeting!

Local SEO

Starting At $1500 / Month

Our local SEO package not only focuses on improving your websites position on Google, but also your Google my Business listing.

Local SEO Package Details:

Frequently Asked SEO Thunder Bay Questions.

SEO Thunder Bay is a long term growth strategy and can take anywhere from 3-16 months to show 1st page results on Google. This is due to a number of factors including; keyword ranking difficulty, competitor SEO efforts, industry, location, current website status, and many more. We always do our best to set realistic expectations with our clients. This way they know exactly what they will be spending before they can expect a return on investment.
No, we are a digital marketing agency located in Canada, but we work with companies all over the world. In Canada, we primarily work with brands in Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto.

We highly recommend that you optimize your website for conversions before you invest money in SEO Thunder Bay. If your website isn’t optimized to receive traffic generated from SEO, you could be losing potential clients. For more information on our website designs, click here.

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, Apple Pay – 3% payment processing fee
  • e-transfer – No Fee
  • Wire Transfer – $17 Fee
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) – No Fee
Our packages start with a minimum of 15 keywords, and we can increase this number as you see fit. We will always perform detailed keyword research to ensure that you are not targeting any unnecessary keywords.
No, we focus on providing SEO Thunder Bay services for WordPress websites.
Search engine optimization is an extensive process that involves (to name a few) on-page optimization, creating 10 types of content (2-5 pieces of each) and then sharing this content on thousands of websites every month. As you can imagine, this takes time.
No, the content we create is built specifically for search engine optimization, and you will not have access to the original content files.
Your monthly payment will be due upon receipt at the beginning of each month.
Yes, we are a professional digital marketing company that specializes in SEO, website design and logo design.

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