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What is Website Management?

What is it? Why do you need it? and who is it really for? All of these questions and more are answered in this in-depth blog!

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You’ve finally got your website up and running, but now you have to figure out the time consuming process of website management.


You’re probably wondering the following questions:

“What is it?”

“Why do I Need it?”

“Who is it really for?”

We will cover all of that right now!

The Details of Website Management

Website management is using a 3rd party website designer or web design company to manage several components of your website.

A web management package includes 5 elements:

  1. Content Updates
  2. Security Updates
  3. Website Support
  4. Website Backups
  5. Speed Updates

You need to make sure all 5 components are covered in your website management package. Let’s take a deeper look behind each element.


Good website maintenance packages should start with quality content updates. If you need to update images, run promotions or highlight events, it shouldn’t be a headache.

Your graphic designer or event coordinator should be able to send this content via email or a shared drive to your website manager. Then they can implement it within hours.

For companies with large inventories and e commerce sites, a manager will help save you lots of time.


Security updates to your Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate are essential to ensure the personal information of you and your clients aren’t at risk.

This also includes updating your plugins that protect against brute force attacks to your admin page. This is where hackers will try to access the admin panel of your website.

Once inside your admin panel they have the ability to delete your site, view unpublished pages and access private information.

Having security up to date is essential.


If you have a problem with your website loading or content not appearing, you are going to want to have good support. Who better to have solve these tough problems then the developers who created the site.

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than using a slow, glitchy or malfunctioning website. Unless you are very familiar with your hosting and content management system (CMS) then it can be very difficult to solve these issues.

Not to mention, running diagnostics on websites and finding problems takes large amounts of time. Best to leave this to the professionals.

Save yourself from a poor review about having a lowuality website with a great support team.


A backup is a copy of your website stored securely and used in the event of an emergency. If your site is deleted, you can use the backup to reload your site in minutes.

It is important to have backups taken every time changes to your site have been made.


You need to have your website running fast at all times for optimal user experience.

Several factors affect the speed of your website including; updating plugins, compressing images, and using a reliable external video host.

Additionally, there are more complicated tasks like eliminating render-blocking JavaScript or CSS in above-the-fold content…… yea good luck with that.

These tasks will help keep your users happy with a fast website, but can be difficult to complete.

Now that we have covered what a management package should entail and why you need it, lets cover who needs it.

Who should have a Website Manager

If you’re a business owner with no extra time in your day than this is something you should consider.

As fellow business owners we know managing all aspects of your company can be difficult.

You need focus on sales, managing employees, advertising/marketing campaigns and much more.

Leave website management to an expert who can do it fast, efficiently and at an affordable price.

It’s also for people who look like this using a computer:


If you tend to be less techy than most, using your CMS may be difficult.

If you choose to manage your website on your own, you must also understand basic HTML. This will come in handy when making adjustments to your hosting if problems arise.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about website management. It should include multiple components that make your life easier, not stressful.

A good website manager will keep you and you customers happy with a fast, sleek and secure website.

If you need more advice regarding a web management package, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are happy to answer all questions you may have.

We also offer 3 unique packages that cover all 5 major components for a customers’ management needs. Take a look here!

All the best with your website!!

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