What Does It Mean When A Website Is Not Secure?

Cybersecurity is a complex topic to analyze properly. In this article we will tackle the question posed by many internet users.

Ben Selkirk

November 5, 2021

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Website Security

The Big Question

Many people don’t understand the severe ramifications of an unsecure website. Often times when discussing cybersecurity internet users ask what happens when a website is not secure. There are many risks associated with both running an unsecure website, and using one. In today’s article we will discuss what an unsecure website is and how it affects business owners and their clients. We will also discuss why the everyday internet user should have a strong understanding of what to do when they come across these websites.

What Is An Unsecure Website And Why Do They Pose A Security Risk

When asking what happens when a website is not secure there are some key things to understand. When viewing a website that isn’t secure there are a couple tell-tale signs to look out for. First your web browser like Google, Firefox, or Safari should help by alerting you if the page you are on isn’t secure. It should display a “Not Secure” warning upon visitation.

A website that isn’t secure means that the site is not providing the user with a secure connection. When a web browser establishes a connection to a website, a diagnostic on the websites URL is run. If the website you are trying to visit begins with HTTP, it isn’t a secure website, and you should avoid using it. Not all web browsers are like Google, meaning they won’t display the “Not Secure” warning when visiting a website. When using other web browsers you should be on the lookout for the URL. This means start double-checking if the URL begins with HTTPS or HTTP. If the URL begins with HTTP be sure to close the website. Then obtain the information you are looking for from an alternate source. This will help you obtain the information you are seeking in a safe manner.

Why You Should Avoid Dangerous Unsecure Websites

Cybersecurity is a loaded term, but one that carries significant implications when discussing internet safety. When asking what happens if a website is not secure, you must understand there are reasons internet users should avoid websites that aren’t secure. When a website isn’t secure, is can have severe consequences. This is especially true for business owners who run a commerce shop on their website. Websites that aren’t secure carry a strong risk of malware and cyberattacks. This essentially means that websites which aren’t secure are at a higher risk of cyberthreats.

If a business website becomes the target of a cyberattack and their websites secured the threat becomes nullified. Websites with an HTTPS URL can deal with a cyberattack. If a site with an HTTP URL becomes targeted it will prevent the site from operating properly. This will also prevent future clients from accessing the company website.

When your company website becomes compromised by a cyberattack it can lead to the release of your clients personal information. This will impact your companies reputation, and you will potentially lose important clients. Often when your website becomes compromised in a cyberattack there is a high chance they won’t return with their business. They may also tell their friends, family, and colleagues to do the same. Although the loss of a single client may not seem like a huge loss, it may affect future clients as well. As an everyday internet user it is important you avoid these sites to ensure your personal information remains secure.

What Happens When A Website Is Not Secure?

When a website isn’t secure it carries many negative implications for the company running the website. First it has severe negative consequences on the websites SEO. Google penalizes sites that aren’t secure, which will affect the ranking of a business website on Google’s search pages. This can affect how many potential clients will see your page. Secondly if a business is paying for ad promotion on Google and their website isn’t secure they are wasting revenue. Clients who open the page are notified the site isn’t safe. Most importantly when a website isn’t secure it can imply the site became compromised, so conducting business on the website is unsafe.

The Solution

In order to understand how dangerous unsecure websites can be you must be able to identify the risks. The solution is easy to obtain, and can guarantee website security. The solution for the everyday internet browser is simple. As long as you are careful and follow the HTTPS and HTTP guide you won’t fall victim to a cyberattack. Always be sure to avoid URLs that begin with HTTP as they imply the site isn’t safe to operate. The URL is a surefire way to avoid sites that aren’t secure.

Business websites have a more difficult task to obtain site security. The most available solution is to hire a company who can establish an SSL certificate like Imperium. Secure Sockets Layer certificates are a digital certificate that authenticate a website’s identity and enable an encrypted connection. This means a security protocol has been created which is an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser. There are varying levels of SSL certificates, and these vary in price and functionality. However, the easiest way to obtain an SSL certificate is to hire a trusted web design company such as Imperium. This will ensure you receive the best SSL certificate for your company. You won’t have to worry about potential clients ignoring your company’s website, or past clients having their personal information compromised. Obtaining an SSL certificate is the easiest way to solve website security problems.

All Imperiums website designs come with a free SSL certificate, guaranteeing the company websites safety.

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