What Makes A Great Construction Website (And Why You Need One)

Why a great construction website can secure a larger volume of clients, and how to create one of these excellent websites.

Ben Selkirk

November 23, 2021

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In today’s construction market competition is abundant, and as such competing with various trades can be difficult. Whether you are a custom home builder or a young contractor having a great construction website is crucial to modernized business.

Having an exceptional website can help with getting a leg up on competition, as well as securing more contracts for your company. In today’s competitive market the majority of business transactions are completed online, and these transactions start with the company website.

Great Design

In order to appeal to customers a great website design will help. Having a visually appealing website will help portray your brand in a professional light. Having clear color coordination, clear visuals, and an easy-to-follow layout all help portray your company in a professional way. This will make a great first impression.

Imperium designed website for WRC Contracting. Note the logo, clear image, and task bar.
Imperium designed website for WRC Contracting. Note the logo, clear image, and task bar.

Why Is This Important?

You should have a clear and professional logo as well. Often times construction companies believe their logo is a stand-out in the community and don’t want to switch things up. However, their old logos are either outdated, blurry and difficult to animate, or just out of style.

Having a new sleek logo which fits the conformity of your website will help portray the company in a professional setting. This will also further your local brand recognition.

Having a sleek construction website and logo will assist with brand development. When potential customers see your trucks around town they will take note at how professional the branding and logo of your company is. Then look up your website, and experience the same sleek design. This portrays a professional atmosphere.

Call to actions are extremely important when using a great website. Having multiple call to actions will help guide your customers through your website. They will assist your clients, as well as nudge them towards the services you provide.

Ensuring your construction website is compatible with mobile is an important step in today’s online market. Around 60% of your website traffic will come from mobile users. This means that ensuring your website is compatible with mobile will allow customers to use your website on the go.

Easy To Use

Having an easy-to-use website is crucial to a successful business, construction or otherwise. Creating an easy-to-use website is crucial because you don’t want to force users to struggle to find the information they require. The last thing you want is a customer to get frustrated with your website, and take their business elsewhere.

Imperium designed website for Topcrete. Note the clear wording, and easy to understand about us page.
Imperium designed website for Topcrete. Note the clear wording, and easy to understand about us page.

Why Is This Important?

Having readable content will help users new and old navigate your website. This will in turn create a positive user experience, which will then be translated to your in person transaction. By having content that is easy to understand you will appeal to a wider range of clients, and experience more business.

Using clear images is just as important as having easily readable content. When displaying your companies vast portfolio using high quality pictures will have a positive reflection on your website.

Often times when we are revamping a construction companies website, the images are blurry and outdated, which gives the impression of an outdated website. Using clear images in your portfolio will give the impression of a sleek company.

Another problem we experience when revamping construction websites is the volume of broken content. Having broken content on your page will repel customers, and drive them towards competition. This includes having broken call-to-action buttons, or an unsecure website.

Highlight Portfolio / Services

Having a clear portfolio displayed, and a clear explanation of the services you provide is crucial to any successful construction website. A clear portfolio displays some of your best completed contracts and gives customers visual confirmation that the services you offer are the best quality.

Having a clear explanation to accompany your portfolio will confirm what services you offer potential customers. This allows them to see past projects, and also gives them confidence that you can provide them with the same quality for their project. This includes having strong testimonials from past clients to further solidify the customers’ confidence in your services.

Imperium designed website for Kingston Interlocking. Note the clear images, and the gallery extension on the task bar.
Imperium designed website for Kingston Interlocking. Note the clear images, and the gallery extension on the task bar.

Why Is This Important?

When your company uses a portfolio correctly it will provide a visual trust factor in the customer. Having that visual confirmation is crucial to ensure a trust factor with clients who visit your website. Using a photo gallery with your portfolio is the best way to ensure this. The positive reaffirmation provided to the customer assists with securing future contracts.

Your company should be sure to include a clear and concise description for the services you provide for customers. This will further help the client navigate your website, providing them with proof that you are the clear choice for what your company does. Aside from the visual confirmation they will receive from your portfolio, they will also get confirmation your company does the highest quality work.

Having testimonials is a must to establish a further trust factor. Testimonials can be considered the final nail in the coffin for pursuing a customer to use your company. This will finalize their decision to use your company when they are able to read about the excellent work you’ve done in the past.

Optimize Your Construction Website for Google and Socials

Ensuring your website is optimized for search engines is a great way to earn a large volume of traffic for your website. Making sure your website is visually strong, easy to use, and ensures trust in clients are all extremely important.

However, having your website optimized on Google is the most important. This will ensure the largest volume of clients will visit your website when they search keywords related to your industry.

Imperium designed website for MacMar Electric. Note the Keywords outlined in red.
Imperium designed website for MacMar Electric. Note the Keywords outlined in red. These are the key words most commonly searched when clients are looking for electricians in Ottawa.

Why Is This Important?

Having a great website is unfortunately not enough to continue to secure a higher volume of clients. Creating an excellent website is the first step, however, the last step is to ensure your website is seen.

This is done by using search engine optimization. SEO enables your company website to appear on the front pages of search engines potential clients are using. Hiring a third party to help you with SEO is the best way to guarantee its done right. When done right it will drive more traffic to your website.

When your website appears on the first page of Google or any search engine it will lead to customers visiting your website. If you are a plumbing business in Ottawa, and a customer looks up “Local Plumbers” there will hundreds of results. If your website is on the first page of Google it is extremely likely to be visited. However, if it is on the third page it is significantly less likely to be visited.

On the other head creating internal links to your various social media platforms will further help local brand recognition.

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