Why User Experience is Important in 2020

Read what UX is, how it is applied, and why it is important for your website in 2020.
Jolee Fu

Jolee Fu

Imperium Marketing Intern
Jolee Fu

Jolee Fu

Imperium Marketing Intern

User experience (UX) has been the latest buzzword for businesses facing the ever-changing digital landscape, especially now with the coronavirus pandemic.

Consumer behavior is experiencing dramatic changes in 2020. Hence, businesses are reframing their marketing strategies to sustain business growth.

In this article, we hope that you can learn something fun about UX: what it is, how it is applied, and most importantly why it is important.

What is User Experience (UX)?

UX refers to how a client feels when interacting with a system, which includes the website, mobile application, or desktop software.

It focuses on the persona of your clients: who they are, what they need, and how they navigate the system, aiming to improve the experience to secure their loyalty.

Consider the honeycomb diagram that describes the favorable traits for UX:

UX honeycomb

UX is a reactionary process constantly adapting to user feedback.

How is User Experience Applied?

UX is a multifaceted field, which makes the process both exciting and challenging. Observe the step-by-step process:

First, research about your customers. Answer these kinds of questions:

  • Who will use your product?
  • What do they achieve with your product?
  • How will they use your product?

The data points may reveal important points to make your UX design appealing to the demographics, motivations, and personalities of your clients.

The research can be done through interviews, surveys, or personas. Remember that you want to design for your clients above your business.

Consequently, you can map out a hypothetical customer map to understand the interaction of users with your business brand over a specific time period.

Second, create wireframes and prototypes.

Once you gather critical user insights, you can start by forming the system design.

  • A wireframe is a simple sketch that examines the space allocation, image distribution, content prioritization, and function availability.
  • A prototype is a draft version that depicts how the overall design will work together, allowing you to interact with it in real-time.

Third, conduct user testing. You observe your target audience interacting with the actual program through usability testing, heatmaps, beta testing, and so more.

Why is User Experience Important?

UX is important because it helps build an empathic company, aligning the product to the core needs of users, increasing customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer can be your brand ambassador by sharing testimonials and leaving reviews.

Also, it can improve the return of investment (ROI). According to Forrester, every $1 invested in UX results in a return of $100 (ROI = 9,900%). So, UX sets up for competitive growth by cutting costs with customer retention.

Furthermore, it can build search engine optimization (SEO). Google ranks your website according to search satisfaction. They evaluate website navigation behaviour, so the more well-designed your site is, the more relevant it will be for search engines.


Overall, UX can help establish customer satisfaction, ROI, and SEO. It is an effective marketing strategy to meet your business goals.

For information about our UX services, check out our Web Design page. Alternatively, we can help you make informed UX decisions only an email away, contact us at support@imperium.social.

Best of success!

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