How To Manage Negative Reviews On Your Photography Website Today

Ben Selkirk

December 7, 2021

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How To Avoid Negative Feedback On Your Photography Website.

When you need to start running a photography based website, reviews will have a set influence how often clients choose to work with you. Client relationships are important when running a photography business. These relationships can either work to your advantage or have negative impact on future business. In today’s article we will discuss how you can avoid negative feedback on your photography website. As well as ensure future clients are not off put by your website, or testimonials.

Optimize Your Website: Getting Started With Image Compression

How To Avoid Negative Feedback On Your Photography Website

The best way to start ensuring clients aren’t frustrated with your photography website is to make sure it’s optimized. Due to the nature of your site, the best way to do this will be to optimize your portfolio.

Having a lot of images on a photography website can slow it down. This makes the site slow to load up when clients try to use it. Compressing the various images in your portfolio will allow your website to regain the speed you’ve lost.

This way you won’t have to sacrifice the quality of your images. Since you are a photographer the quality of your images is extremely important, and reducing the quality will have a negative impact on business.

This perfect process is called image compression. This means minimizing the size of the image without sacrificing the quality of it. When operating a photography website the majority of what’s portrayed is these images. When the images are compressed it allows for more of them to be uploaded, and not affect the optimization of your website.

Aside from the lag time on your photography site images that aren’t compressed also take a much longer time to upload to your website. Due to the quantity of images you are adding the best way to upload them in is to minimize them.

Let’s say you work a wedding and take around 3000 images. The bride would like a file with all of them on it, this will take a considerable amount of time. The best way to check off some of this workload is to compress the images. Then upload them into either a file or separate part of your website.

Get Creative: Design And Layout

How To Avoid Negative Feedback On Your Photography Website

Having a creative website design to suit your creative photography will help make your website appealing and attractive to potential clients. This will also help sell services you offer. Creating a design can be a little tricky for photography website, because they are more reliant on images rather than content.

A clean optimized photography site will help clients navigate your website easily. Testimonials will help reassure them you are the best photographer in town.

Having a great design includes making sure everything on the photography website works properly and efficiently. If your clients are navigating your photography website everything should be easy to use, and easier to find. Often your clients will likely be using your photography website to review your portfolio. This is to see if you are the right fit for their project.

A photography website that is outdated or has broken factors will deter clients, and drive them towards your competition. A great way to ensure your website stands out from the opposition is to ensure your website is beautiful to look at.

Having a good website is all about reflecting your business model and industry through your website. Since you are running a photography website ensure it is visually appealing will further reassure your clients.

If you are showing up to a wedding photography job wearing your pajama pants and a sweatshirt this will obviously make you look bad. Even if you take amazing photos. Having a website that looks bad will have the same effect.

Make sure you are using a unique color combination such as whites, soft purples or yellows, and black font. Making sure you create a great logo is also important. Try and brainstorm what kind of logo you would like, whether that is simplistic or detailed.

Ensuring You Have The Best Testimonials

How To Avoid Negative Feedback On Your Photography Website

Aside from selecting a strong color theme and a sleek new logo, testimonials will go hand in hand with your photography portfolio. Having testimonials support your portfolio will assist clients who are having a difficult time deciding which photographer to pick.

If your hired for a wedding, or maternity photography shoot this is a huge decision for your client to make. This is obviously understandable. They will likely want to explore as many options as possible, and base their selection on photographers portfolios and testimonials.

When your photography website receives bad reviews this will negatively impact your business. Shocker I know. There are sure fire ways to avoid these reviews however, and to ensure to receive good testimonials to display on your website.

When you have a great photography website, you are sure to gain positive reviews. These positive reviews will help ensure future clients will feel assured when purchasing your services.

As a result you should always highlight these great reviews, and ensure there is space in your photography website for them. Aside from building trust with new clients positive reviews will also help the overall look and feel of your website to new users.

Ensure when you receive positive reviews they’re displayed with your portfolio. We find an effective method is to include the positive review with the photo that was taken. Having a few photos with a testimonial under them is a great way to showcase reviews.

Have A Gallery: Feature Your Best Work

How To Avoid Negative Feedback On Your Photography Website

The majority of your website will revolve around your photography portfolio, or in this case your image gallery. If you treat your website like the anatomy of your camera, the portfolio would be like the lens of the camera. Without it, the website, or camera, is useless.

Picking the best possible photos for your portfolio is the best way to portray your past projects to potential clients. Let’s say you are being hired for a maternity photoshoot.

Selecting photos for your photography portfolio can be difficult, and will take some time and patience. However, this will be worth the effort, as your future clients will base their decision on the quality and diversity of your portfolio

Putting a strong emphasis on your photography portfolio will help clients see how dedicated you are to your work. Especially if you have taken the time to go through each of your past products, and select the best photos from each.

Utilize A Good Blog

How To Manage Negative Reviews On Your Photography Website Today

A great tool you can use to share recent photos on your website is a blog. Any great photography website will need a blog, due to the nature of your profession. Blogs will also enable you to share videos as well as photos to keep your clients updated online.

Maintaining an online presence is simple through the posting of blogs. This is a free way your clients can stay up to date on your projects. People who may come across your blog online will also end up visiting your website, which leads to more traffic.

When using a blog you can showcase the beautiful images you have captured during recent assignments and share them with the world. Think of your blog posts like an art gallery. Anyone can come in and see the collection.

This art gallery however, is owned by you, so all the people who come to visit it are viewing your art, in your gallery. This means that the online community who are viewing your blogs are redirected to your web page.

Using your blog, you can also promote various social media accounts like your Instagram, which further prompts clients to view your projects. Having even one visitor on your socials will help promote your online brand.

When you create a good blog for your websites outreach you are able to reach more clients as a photographer. This will provide free promotion online, and showcase your portfolio page to more potential clients. Having a further outreach into the online world will start to direct more traffic to your website.

Ensuring The Best Results: How To Avoid Negative Feedback On Your Photography Website

How To Avoid Negative Feedback On Your Photography Website

Ensuring you have the best website possible for your photography business is important. Many of our readers are probably wondering how they apply all this information.

If you want to ensure the best possible photography website hiring a professional third party website design company is your best bet. Doing some research into different website design companies will help you understand what their final products look like.

The most important factor is if they have experience building photography websites, they are a professional company, and whether they do a good job.

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