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Make Your Website Accessible For All.
AODA & ACA Compliance Services.

Ensuring your website is AODA, ACA and WCAG 2.1 compliant can be a bit tricky. Imperium makes this process easy and protects your business from costly lawsuits, all while providing a much better experience for users of all types. It’s the right thing to do.

An Insurance Policy For Your Business.

Accessibility is a smart business move.
And for some businesses, it's required.

Adapting your business to be accessible to all users is not only socially responsible but now becoming required by Canadian & Provinicial Laws. Visitors all over the globe deserve to have a great experience on your website and with web accessibility law suits on the rise, protecting your business just makes sense.

Hassle Free Integration.

We’ve perfected the process for making websites ACA & AODA compliant. Our solution requries minimal interference with your site.

Comply With Legislation.

Websites are being targeted everyday for AODA & ACA Compliance lawsuits. It is now more important than ever to be compliant.

Expand Customer Base.

Users with disabilites make up around 20% of all website visitors. Having an accessible website allows you to reach these customers.

Web Accessibility Is A Smart Business Decision.

22% of Canadians have a disability, that's 6.2 Million People.

Everyday millions of Canadian browse the internet in search of products, services and information that you could potentialy provide. The fact is most websites today are not accessibile and leaves millions of Canadians furstrated & unable to access what they want to online. Ensuring that your website is accessible gives your organization the competitve edge of being able to serve 22% more potential customers, donors and users immediately upon becoming WCAG 2.1 compliant.

AODA & ACA Lawsuits Are Increasing Exponentially

Inaccessible Websites Puts Your Business At Risk.

Web accessibility lawsuits are increasing in almost every industry. Since 2018, there has been a 300% increase in accesssibility lawsuits targeting websites for not being compliant. Now is the time to ensure your website is accesible.

Companies under pressure to comply with Ontario’s new website accessibility standards.

Time is running out for Ontario companies to show their websites comply with new standards making them more accessible for people with disabilities or face fines of up to $100,000.
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Toronto Man’s Lawsuit Against Apple a Reminder That Disability Discrimination in Tech Still Happens.

The 33-year-old is suing his former employer for lost wages and damages, alleging that Apple repeatedly refused to work on an individual accommodation plan with him.
Website Accessibility

Lawsuits Over Digital Accessibility for People With Disabilities Are Rising - The Wall Street Journal

New reliance on e-commerce and other digital experiences during the pandemic has exposed problems with accessibility online, rose 64% in the first half of 2021 from a year earlier, a new report says.

Imperium's Accessibility Solution.

Our team of web accessibility experts perform an in-depth compliance audit and implement third-party infrastructure to ensure your website is compliant to all standards. Allow your website to reach a broader audience and be worry-free from legal troubles with Imperium Accessibility.

The Pain Free AODA / ACA Solution.

We’ve perfected the process of getting your website compliant and accessible to all users. Within less than 5 days our team audits your website, implements accessibility infrastructure and provides you with a certificate and statement of accessibility in case of any legal troubles. All this while not intefering with the design or development of your website, Imperium’s Accesibility team works great with other website developers.

A Truly Reliable & Complete Solution.

Our Accessibility Interface:
Website Adjustments & Support:
We’re working hard to make accessibility affordable for businesses, non profits and public sector institutions of all sizes. Contact us today for a complete quote.

Get to know AODA, ACA & WCAG 2.1 Compliance a little better.

Not Familiar with Web Accessibility?

Exactly what and where to start with website accessibility can be a little confusing. The bottom line is that ensuring that your website is ADA / AODA compliant is a smart decision for your business. You’ll be able to provide a much better experience for approximately 20% of the world’s population as well as protecting you and your business from legal troubles.

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility refers to having your website designed/developed so that people with disabilities can use them. Essentially allowing all people to be able to perceive, understand, navigate, contribute and interact with the web.

What is WCAG 2.1 ?

The WCAG or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are the most influential protocols for shaping web accessibility regulations and laws. The AODA, ACA & ADA are all built around these standards when it comes to web accessibility. Additionally as more regualtions and stricter laws are implemented within provinces and states it is assumed that they will follow the WCAG 2.1 protocols.

Do I really need to be compliant?

It really does depend on your type of business and company size. However web accessibility really is the right thing to do and a smart business decision no matter the industry. And with the forward trend of Web Accesibility a mandatory requirement it is not unlikely that it will be required for all websites in the near future.

What is the AODA?

The AODA or Accessibility for Ontario Disabilities Act is a law that sets out the process for developing & enforcing accessibility standards in Ontario. Web accessibility is strictly enforced within these regulations. It is now required by law that business & non-profits with over 50 employees & ALL Public Sector entities (regardless of size) are compliant with AODA Web accessibility standards.

What is the ACA & ADA?

The ACA or Accessibility for Canadians Act & the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act are the governing regulations that prohibit discrimination of individuals on the basis of disabilities. Web accessibility plays a vital role in these regulations and help guide the direction of more provincial/state level regualtions.

Can't I do this myself or use a plugin?

We would highly recommend against this, most plugins and third-party software are not truly compliant, leaving you open for legal troubles. The manual work to make a website AODA / ACA compliant is quite a costly & lengthy task.

Other Common Web Accessibility Questions:

Still unclear about web accessibility and our process? Here’s a list of frequently asked question regarding Imperium’s web accessibility solution and how we get your website AODA / ACA / WCAG 2.1 compliant.
If you’re looking to see if your website passes regulatory standards, simply contact us and we’ll give your website a detailed ACA / AODA audit absolutely free of charge.
We aim to make Imperium Accessibility as affordable as possible. It really depends on the size and nature of your business or organization. Typically you can expect to pay around $99/mo to $499/mo for our complete solution. Don’t be fooled by low cost ACA / AODA compliance solutions that can still leave you at risk for lawsuits and your users frustrated with a partially accessible website. Simply having a dedicated accessibility page is not an acceptable solution.

Exceptions can apply for much larger organizations.
Absolutely. Imperium will provide your organization with an accessibility statement for you to put on your website as well as a certificate of performance to show that your actively working on website accessibility.
Imperium’s accessibility team is committed to minimizing your risk of legal trouble due to AODA / ACA violations. In the very rare event you receive a letter of demand, we’ll prepare a full litigation support package and go above and beyond to help you.
Not at all, our solution is very lightweight and works in tandem with your current web design and development. We are a great addition to your team and won’t interfere with your current set up.
Nope, Imperiums accessibility team has worked with a large variety of website set ups and our solution works across almost all different types of websites. The process really is pain-free.

Get Your Site Accessible & Compliant.

Provide the best experience for all visitors and stop worrying about accessibility lawsuits.

Imperium’s Accessibility team can handle all your AODA, ACA & WCAG 2.1 compliance needs. We work with businesses, non-profits and public sector insitutions of all sizes. Our ultimate goal is to provide better web experiences for all types of people and ensuring that your website is accessible is the first step.

Contact us today and we’ll do a complimentary compliance audit to get you on the right track.