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Ben Selkirk

November 2, 2021

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The Big Question

In a modernizing world, many people seek the answers to difficult questions using various internet search engines such as google. A question searched when discussion revolves around Search Engine Optimization is what the difference is between local SEO vs global SEO. It is important the reader understands the key differences between the two. It will affect the online marketing strategy they should ultimately choose for their business. This article will discuss both local and global Search Engine Optimization in detail and provide key information. This will allow the reader a clear understanding of what SEO is and how it works.

What Is Local SEO?

When discussing local SEO, it is important to understand exactly what the term implies. Local SEO is the method of enhancing a business’s website to produce both brand awareness for a company and leads. Taking advantage of local SEO is important for any small business, especially those that optimize there online presence with a website. This provides opportunities on a local scale which in turn result in a local increase in business. This service benefits small businesses rather than large ones, as it specializes in targeting a local client base, rather than an international one. Specifically this type of SEO is ideal for a locally concentrated region or city. Local SEO is the ideal choice for many small businesses, as it enables them to target potential clients in a specific location.

As a general rule, small business owners will take advantage of local SEO. This is due to the local SEO ability to target local clients. An example of a small business utilizing local SEO would be an iPhone repair company in Ottawa needs a larger client base. In order to appeal to a wider local audience, the owner will utilize local SEO to help the business appear at the forefront of customer search queries on Google.

What Is Global SEO?

Examining global SEO can be slightly more complicated than local SEO, and there are some key differences to note on. Global SEO is exactly what it sounds like, rather than catering to a local client base, larger business owners will instead appeal to a global audience. Global SEO are often referred to international SEO. This is due to the fact that when utilizing global SEO business owners are targeting an international client base using their website. This is achieved by utilizing various search engines such as google to improve a company’s website rank globally.

When a company is utilizing global SEO it is important they understand all the implications associated with them. This includes the possibility that various clients from different countries will be viewing the company’s website, often times through Google. This would require a detailed list of the countries the company would like to cater to. As such the company must be willing to apply various languages to their official website. Although this is more work, it utilizes the global SEO as effectively as possible, rather than essentially wasting the opportunity of bringing in international clients through Google.

Let’s take the local SEO example from above and apply it to global SEO. Perhaps the iPhone company based in Ottawa wants to expand their client base on an international scale. This would include accepting shipments of iPhone and laptops from out of the country for repair. They would utilize a global SEO rather than a local SEO in order to appeal to the international client base they are targeting. As a result their global presence will grow.

The Big Difference: Local SEO vs Global SEO

The main difference between local SEO and global SEO can be seen in the names as well as the volume of website traffic. Both require a different SEO strategy in order to be utilized effectively. While local SEO caters to small businesses looking to expand their horizons locally, global SEO are utilized by larger businesses to appeal to an international client base through online search engines such as google.

When using local SEO small companies are focused on targeting a local client base. This is an extremely effective tool when growing a small business, as it places a business on the forefront of the customers search engine locally. This can not only improve traffic to a company’s website/storefront, but also spread the name of the company locally to a wider range of customers.

When utilizing a global SEO large companies are appealing to an international client base and expanding their business opportunities in different countries. This can be tricky, but when done correctly can result in a massive increase in foreign business. The potential for a larger company presence and ranking in the global market will also increase.

Key Takeaways

The most important takeaway is how to effectively utilize both local SEO and global SEO as they pertain to your specific business. After recognizing which SEO is more suited to your business it is crucial to understand how to utilize each SEO. After a decision is made the company will be able to make the most out of SEO for your specific business enterprise. As the owner of a business it is important to understand the debate between local SEO vs global SEO as well as the key differences between the two. This will allow the company to make an informed decision on which suits you’re business best and which online marketing strategy to utilize.

Depending on the specific goals and ambitions of your business the SEO will have a major impact on the growth and outreach your business is able to achieve. Once you are able to differentiate between both types of SEO you can make an informed decision on which strategy will assist your business’s growth. If your company is still on the smaller scale than a local SEO will allow your company to grow slowly over time. This will subsequently bring in more local clients, and overall allow you to expand your outreach into the city.

After an extended period of time if your company has done well locally you can expand your outreach further, and expand your company’s global opportunities. This will include expanding the range of your services and products your company provides, and putting them on the forefront of the international market. When doing so this will allow your company to branch out into the international market, and further grow your business.

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